About Me

I am a frontend engineer from Berlin - and I am also many other things. So,why don't I tell you a bit more about myself!

The analogue Me

In terms of my education, I come from a non-tech-background. I had the great privelege to study social sciences at several universities in my hometown Berlin as well as in the US, in Canada and in Denmark. During my education I developed an analytical perspective on society and human interaction. I immersed myself in a host of topics such as political party systems, migration and identity politics, urban sociology, labor market politics and the sociology of work. Social science does not have to be non-technical all the time though. As I progressed, I turned more and more towards digital methods. My MA thesis was in fact a big data analysis on patterns of Twitter-consumption within the field of Javascript engineers. And yes, I totally had to figure out ways to by-pass the Twitter-Api's rate-limiting.

Next to my university studies, I continuously engaged my self as a volunteer in the pedagocial sector. The causes I was involved with are near and dear to me and I will certainly gravitate back again towards this field, once my work life permits me to make time for it - maybe even in a technical way. For about ten years, I volunteered as an educator at the Anne Frank Center in Berlin - a wonderful educational institution that creates a gateway for people of all ages to familiarize themselves with the history of the Holocaust, the Nazi-time as well as WWII through the story of Anne Frank. As a long-time volunteer educator, I also took part in great number of workshops on team dynamics, group moderation and project management. As part of the Anne Frank Center I also organized and facilitated pedagocial programs in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, in the Anne Frank House Amsterdam as well as in Tunis, Tunisia.

For around three years, I also volunteered as an educator in the landmark educational program Dialog macht Schule. This meant, that I ran weekly classes in up to four different so-called Brennpunktschulen (schools with special challenges) in Berlin. The idea of the program is to offer the teenagers (age 13-16) who predominantly come from families with a migration background and often without educational recources to interact with students who also have a migration background and go to university. The three years were certainly challenging, but even more giving.

The digital Me

While I may come from a non-technical background, I am nonetheless a digital native. Already in school, I had an unbridled hunger for all things web. In high school I once decided to build the presentation of a term project as an interactive flash-website instead of the good old PowerPoint presentation - it took quite a while, it was buggy, but it was on the web! Since then, I have always kept up this passion, always dabbling in some form of web project like a Wordpress-page for a friend here or a Joomla-powered team page for my hobby-football-team there. But as it turns out, this was not the end of it!

In the spring of 2016 I decided to go all in on coding and I have not looked back since! I started out with lots of tutorials and after one year I was able to do a 6-month internship at the Copenhagen-based data-consulting company Analyse & Tal. Here I introduced the use of a modern frontend framework (Vue.js) and worked independently on a large experimental data-science project called LikeView. Over the summer of 2018 I worked as a freelancer on a project with Analyse & Tal. In this project, which was funded by the Google-DNI, we analyzed 8 years of data from the Danish parliament and made it accessible for the general public. I was the lead frontend developer responsible for the creation of the platform Kend Dit Folketing, which is actively used by journalists as well as high schools across the country. Next, I set up both the front- and backend for a project for the Danish Foreign Ministry. This was a Vue.js-Dashboard that conencted to a Node/Express/GraphQL, which aggregated a number of data sources and made them available for the dashboard to consume.

In February 2019 I started as a frontend engineer at Easybell GmbH. I was hired to help with the transition of a number of projects from a monolith structure with jQuery and Bootstrap to independent Vue.js-frontends. As part of the process, I created a centralized component library, which is published as a semver-versioned npm-package and can be consumed by all dependent projects. I am currently building out a marketing page with a headless CMS and Nuxt.JS.

Feel free to take a look at my detailed resume.